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The Loc God, Corp

Stimulating Oil (Dropper Bottle)

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This Stimulating Oil is the perfect item to add to your hair care routine. 100% natural, also smells 100% like lemongrass essential oils. This product is extremely lightweight and will leave your scalp itch-free. This nourishing blend is made up of avocado oil which is amazing for moisture and sealing hydration into your hair, to combat dryness. The peppermint oil is amazing for itchiness and stimulating hair growth. The lemongrass oil has an amazing lemony scent that you will love!!!Ingredients: Grapeseed oil, avocado oil, lemongrass oil & peppermint oil.

Directions: Apply directly to scalp/new growth and massage. You can also pour a small amount into your hand and rub your hands along your Locs/loose natural hair.

Usage: Two-three times a week