We've all heard the stories, tales and myths when it comes to the care and attention you give to your locs, but how do you know if its true? Ideally loc care is not as complicated as it sounds and everyone's routine and journey varies, so results will always be different but what we do know is that when you take care of your hair it will be good to you. In this blog, we are going to discuss and debunk myths and stories about washing your locs.

Have you ever heard the myth especially with locs that the longer you stay without a wash it will grow and loc your hair faster? As ridiculous at it sounds, there are many of us not properly maintaining a wash schedule for our hair. Of course if you have starter locs you would want to be more careful with washing your hair but washing your hair is key to loc growth. You are moisturizing your hair often, subjecting your hair to outside and inside elements, why wouldn't want to remove that build-up and let your hair and scalp breathe. 

How often should I wash your locs?

For Loc Angels with Mature locs, we recommend washing your locs every two (2) weeks. 


For Loc Angels with Scalp Ailments such as Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Dandruff etc or if you are just simply very active or work outdoors ( construction etc),  we recommend washing your locs once a week. 


For Loc Angels with Starter locs, we recommend washing your hair every two (2) weeks, but you should use a stylist or the person who started your locs. Starter are very delicate in its locking and budding stages and although not washing your hair is not recommended, vigourously washing your Starter Locs will further delay your loc journey. A professional will gently wash your Locs to ensure your loc journey starts off on the right track.

Why is maintaining a Wash Routine important?

Locs are superior, yes we know :) but locs is still hair. For whatever reasons you chose to go on your loc journey you must not neglect to properly care for your crown.

Environmental dirt, build-up, lint and not to mention the bad odors are enough reasons as to why you should maintain a routine.

Washing your locs regularly helps keep your face clean. Imagine all that dirt and build up on your hair and then on your face. 

Washing your locs helps your scalp breathe, unclogs your hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth.

Washng your locs helps keep your hair hydrated and makes it more accessible to moisturizing and promotes hair growth. If your scalp is dirty and clogged, how can the products and oils get into it? You will just keep adding products and further weighing down your hair.

Washing your locs regularly prevents hair loss and loc thinning. Clog pores and dirty scalp can make you lose your locs. Build-up can cause locs to thin at the root and weigh down your hair cause loss of edges and tension alopecia. 

Washing your locs keeps your hair healthy, clean and restores your hair natural PH balance which is necessary for healthy hair growth

What products should I use or not use when washing my locs?

We have to be very selective with the products we use on our natural hair and locs. Natural hair care is best suited with Natural Products and there are alot of products on the hair care market that state they are "Natural" but the ingredients definitely states otherwise. Chemicals, sulfates and dye can all leave residue or strip your locs of its natural moisture, leaving your hair brittle, with no nutrients and can cause breakage and hair loss.

The Loc God Shampoos and Conditioners are 100% Natural, vegan-friendly and not animal tested. Made with only natural, organic and essential ingredients, our products will clean and moisturize your locs leaving it clean, fresh and hydrated.

The Loc God Shampoo gives you a good lather without stripping your hair because it is formulated with the best cleaning products and essential oils. Made to clean and moisturize all in one and is safe to use on all natural hair, all scalp ailments and color treated locs.

The Loc God Conditioner is lightweight. Many conditioners contains sulfates and emollients that coat your hair, leave residue and clog your follicles. Our conditioner is formulated to restore moisture and balance to your locs without the heavy coated feel living it soft and manageable. 


The Loc God Monthly Routine.

Want a guide on When to wash, retwist your locs or what products to use? Here we created a day-to-day routine to assist our Loc Angels. Just chose your favorite loc god products or line and follow the routine.

Caring for your locs requires consistency, a good routine and great products and the The Loc God can provide you with you all that you need!

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