The OG Loc God Products

These products are the OG Loc God scents ranging from Lemongrass, Tea Tree & Eucalyptus, Grapefruit Orange, Rose and last but not least our Chamomile, Lavender & Peppermint Line.


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Hydration Mist
Hydration Mist Preço promocionalDe $8.50
Loc Growth Stimulating Oil
Loc Growth Stimulating Oil Preço promocionalDe $10.00
Loc Butter
Loc Butter Preço promocionalDe $10.00
Wash Day Products
Wash Day Products Preço promocionalDe $20.00
Loc God Bundles
Loc God Bundles Preço promocionalDe $18.00
Loc & Retwist Gel
Loc & Retwist Gel Preço promocionalDe $15.00
Detangler Spray
Detangler Spray Preço promocional$25.00 Preço normal$35.00
Loc God Bonnet
Loc God Bonnet Preço promocional$18.50
Loc God Durags
Loc God Durags Preço promocional$10.99
Loc God Satin Pillow Case- Single
Loc God Satin Pillow Case- Single Preço promocional$18.50
Loc God Satin Loc Sock
Loc God Satin Loc Sock Preço promocional$20.00

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