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If you're a Loc Angel living in a country or city that experiences the beautiful season of Winter, you know there is so much to experience. High fashion, hot chocolate, first snow, the list goes on and on but there is also some adjusting to your daily routines and Loc Maintenance should definitely be high priority. 


Why is Loc Maintenance crucial during the Winter?

Having already debunked the usual myth that locs are low maintenance, we know now for beautiful, healthy locs we have to be committed to a routine everyday. But whats so different about the winter? The cold weather, dry air and also the use of heaters on full blast for long periods can make your locs brittle, cause dryness and even elevate our scalp issues such as scalp psoriasis, dandruff etc. In this article, we'll give some tips to protect and nourish your locs with our expert tips.


Tip #1: Moisturizing is KEY!

Yes, Moisture again! We cannot talk about this enough because it is true and sometimes to most difficult to achieve. Sometimes we follow the routine but use the wrong products that cause other issues with our hair.

The Loc God hair products are 100% Natural and made for natural hair. Washing your hair every two (2) and using our moisturizing shampoo and conditioner will keep your scalp and hair clean but not strip it of its natural moisture and balance. We've designed a Loc God Monthly Routine to guide you to achieving and maintaining healthy locs. Using our Hydrating Mists everyday, applying our Stimulating oils every 2 days and using our Loc Butters every 3 days will lock in moisture and give your great locs all season long.

Tip #2: Protective Styling

Extreme temperatures and dry air can cause damage to your locs and scalp. Styling your locs keeps your hair tucked in and moisturized reducing its exposure to the winter elements. The Loc God Loc and Retwist Gel and The Loc God Loc Jelly styles your hair without frizz and flakes giving you a crisp, moisturized result without buildup.

Protective Mohawk Style at the Loc God Salon


Tip #3: Protect and Cover your Locs

Our Locs are beautiful no matter the stage and nothing beats walking down the street and showing it off but when that weather hits below 30 degrees we have to protect it. Wearing winter hats and scarves can keep us warm but will cause damage to your hair. The material weather it be wool or cotton also pulls on your locs causing breakage issues and takes all the moisture out of your hair leaving your locs  dry and with fabric lint. The Loc God bonnets, durags and loc socks are made with a satin material that locks in moisture. Wearing under your winter hats or on its own will protect your hair during the winter temperatures. 

The Loc God Loc Sock

Tip #4: Use Natural Products

Locs are becoming more popular as the days go by and what was once a limited market, product companies are now jumping on the trend and producing Loc hair products. But are they really safe for your Locs? The Loc God products are 100% Natural and made for natural hair. Using only the best and organic ingredients, the products are formulated to moisturize your hair and maximize hair growth without causing build-up and dryness. No chemicals, parabens or sulfates, The Loc God products can be used to aid in the prevention of Dry and itchy scalp, Dandruff and scalp issues such as Scalp Psiorsis and Scalp Alopecia. 

Grapefruit Orange bundle

Other Factors

  • A healthy diet is also important no matter the season. Be mindful of what you put in your body because it shows on the outside and may affect your hair. 
  • Drink Water, it is life! Hydration helps nourish your hair and body from the inside.
  • Be mindful of the clothing you wear in the winter. Most sweaters and scarves are made of materials that pull and snag on your locs leaving it full of lint that is a nightmare to remove.
  • Reduce Stress levels. Winter can sometimes be depressing to some of us. Something about the short days and long nights hit hard. Stress affects us in many ways and even though we may have a healthy hair routine, it can all be reversed with high stress levels. Self care is very important. Talk to a friend, go out, take trips, do whatever makes you happy and brings you peace. Self Care is important.
  • Be consistent. We aren't perfect, we forget, get busy, get lazy and just pre-occupied with life. Just try to show up for yourself and your hair. Healthy hair needs consistent routine. Stick with it and your hair will thank you. It is all up to you Loc Angel! 


Stay tuned for our topic next week and remember Peace, Love and Loc God Products!

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Elaine Lathen

Elaine Lathen

My hair has started to grow quite nice. I love the fact it is not brittle anymore. I have given some of my friends who have locs and natural styles. I live in the midwest ( Milwaukee, Wisconsin) the closet place to get my locs professional done is in Chicago. I would love to help spread the word more in my city. How can I get involved in selling your product?

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