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Check out my one year loc growth. My crown has never been more thick and full.



Here's how I did it

Step 01

Mist Every Day

Are your locs hard and breaking? The reason for this might be a lack of moisture. Many people believe that oil alone will solve their breakage but the real problem is your lack of a water based product. Our Hydration Mist solves this issue and trust me! Just try this product everyday for a week and you will begin to see great results!


Used Growth Oil

Our Loc Growth Oil was specially formulated for locs and thus we have created the perfect recipe for hair growth! Mist Daily and Oil 2-3 times a week is a great routine to kick start you hair growth journey.

And dont forget to always remember to mist before you oil!

Nia the Loc God holding Loc Butter


Loc Butter Magic

Everytime I bleached my locs, no matter what I did, my locs would get thin and eventually break off! So I made it my mission to create a product that would stop this problem!

And so the Loc Butter was born. This product is game changer and after misting daily, oiling 2-3 days, the butter every 3 days was a great addition to my loc routineI


Wrapping my Locs

This last step is crucial and often over looked! We have all been there. It's late at night and we just want to sleep. But honestly, taking that 2 minute effort to wrap your hair/ locs with a silk or satin hair accessory can save you years of hair breakage!

And with those four steps consistently, you will start to see amazing progress!! Call or Text 917-693-1019 if you have any locs related questions.



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