Get Thick Locs

Get Thick Locs

I have been on a journey for years in search of the perfect hair routine to keep my hair healthy. I’m happy to say that I think I’ve finally found it! The biggest thing with having healthy hair is consistency and making sure you stick with your routine.

It may take some time, but once you get into the groove of it, it will become second nature. In this blog post, I’ll share my personal hair regimen, all the products I use and why consistency is so important when it comes to achieving healthy hair.


1. Hydrating every day

I use Hydration Mist every day religiously and it has kept my hair soft and moisturized. I even use the Loc Mister and makes spraying my hair so much easier. Say goodbye to dry crispy hair!! 


2. Oil, Oil and more Oil

To further lock in all that moisture from the hydration mist, I then use Loc Growth Stimulating Oil  2- 3 times a week. This oil helps to protect and add shine while promoting healthy growth. You don’t need much—just a few drops should be enough! Massage the oil into your scalp and ends for best results. Not only does this duo promote healthy scalp and hair growth, but it smells absolutely amazing. 


 3. Loc Butter 

I know there is a lot of confusion around butters in hair but this Loc Butter was specially formulated to not cause any buildup. You just have to use it correctly. I use it on the shaft of my hair, especially on my colored ends. Coloring your locs makes them more susceptible to breakage. The Loc Butter keeps my hair thick from roots to ends.



4. Wrapping my hair

I wrap my hair EVERY SINGLE NIGHT with the Loc God Bonnet. There's also a Loc God Satin Pillow Case for those who can't be bothered with that. These accessories protects your hair while you sleep. Normal cotton pillowcases and your sheets are really harsh on your hair so switching to a satin/ silk option is a must!


5. Weekly Steam Treatments + Scalp/ Neck massages

Steam treatments deeply and intensely maximize moisture in my locs which keeps them strong and thick. The head massage helps with blood flow to your follicles; this process stimulates hair growth. Massaging your necks helps release all the tension from the weight of your hair.

These treatments are so beneficial especially when your locs grow long like mine and I get these treatments done at The Loc God Salon .

6. Routine- Make it a Habit

Making sure you stick with your daily routine can be tough at first, but formulating a habit will make things run much smoother over time! That’s why I post weekly and monthly guides on my Instagram page (@niathelocgodproducts).

Feel free to follow along with me on my journey—I always love hearing from other people who are looking for advice or just want someone to talk about their own experiences with their hair journey!

Conclusion: Achieving healthy locs does not happen overnight; it takes dedication and consistency in order for your hair routine to truly be effective. If you are looking for more information about achieving healthy locs (or just want someone to follow along with on their own journey), don't forget to check out @niathelocgodproducts on Instagram where I post weekly guides!


Happy Locs, Happy Life!


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