The Secrets to Healthy Locs

The Secrets to Healthy Locs

There are many myths about maintaining healthy locs. My mission is to educate our community on the best ways to take care of our crown.

We can all recall someone’s aunty telling us that our locs require no maintenance or that locs don’t need to be washed. I don’t know where these rumors were started, but I know for a fact that these myths are just that. MYTHS!

Every hair type, despite style requires care and locs are no different. To grow healthy locs, I have found the 5 secret ingredients for success.




Our clientele list at The Loc God Salon is an ever growing one. Not only do we pamper our guests with complimentary champagne and a menu selection of the best loc products in the game, but we also educate them. After they have gotten their fresh retwist they would always ask the same question:


“How often should I get a retwist?”


Our answer is simple. For our new Loc Angels with starter locs that haven’t budded just yet, we recommend getting a retwist every 4-6 weeks.

For our Loc Angels with some time in the game, we recommend getting a retwist every 6-8 weeks. But what does this have to do with having healthy locs? 

Well those who get a retwist too often eventually find that there’s too much tension on their scalp. That much tension leads to thinning and breakage. In order to have healthy locks we for sure want to avoid breakage!

Alongside how often you’re getting a retwist comes the additional responsibility of choosing the right products. We don’t recommend using wax on your locs as these causes buildup. We have our own Retwisting Kit that was formulated specifically for locs to prevent buildup while moisturing the scalp with Vitamin E at the same

Retwist on dreadlocks done at The Loc God Salon using The Loc God products


Proper Maintenance 

Like I said previously, locs need maintenance and they need it daily. The key to hair growth is hydration and locking in moisture. We recommend hydrating your loc using our hydration mist daily. No exaggeration! Daily hydration keeps your locs soft and moisturized. We then suggest locking in that moisture by using our oils. 

There’s a huge myth that oil is a hydrating but the truth is that oil seals in moisture, not create it. Check out my post for my full maintenance for thick heathy locs here:  Get Thick Locs 





Wrapping your hair every night


This isn't spoken about often enough but cotton sheets and pillowcases are really bad for our hair. 

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