Loc Butter - Chamomile, Peppermint + Lavender

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Experience the ultimate fusion of hydration, nourishment, and relaxation with our Chamomile Peppermint Lavender Loc Butter. This luxurious butter is specially formulated to add and seal moisture, prevent breakage, and support hair growth. Infused with the calming properties of chamomile, the refreshing coolness of peppermint, and the soothing essence of lavender essential oils, this butter leaves your locs feeling soft, hydrated, and beautifully fragrant. Elevate your hair care routine with the tranquil and invigorating sensation of our Chamomile Peppermint Lavender Loc Butter.


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Michael J

Freshness at its best

absolutely love this product. It keeps my hair Moist and smelling fresh and so clean


Insane amount of hair growth!!!!

Definitely love this product and it’s so good in many ways but to definitely experience the amount of growth it has on you shows the progression!!!

DreAunna C


I love all Nia products!! 100/100

Why you should use?

The Chamomile Peppermint Lavender Loc Butter provides more than just moisture—it’s a holistic hair care experience that soothes your senses and revitalizes your locs. If you seek a natural way to nourish and protect your hair while enjoying a calming and refreshing aroma, this butter is your perfect choice.

Intensive Moisture Sealant

Our Loc Butter acts as a potent sealant, locking in moisture provided by our water based hydration mist. The Loc Butter creates a protective barrier that prevents moisture loss, leaving hair deeply hydrated, soft, and supple.

Repair and Strengthen

Enriched with vitamin rich oils, our Loc butter helps repair and strengthen damaged hair, particularly beneficial for bleached and colored locs. It penetrates deep into the hair shaft, nourishing from within to restore elasticity and resilience, reducing breakage and split ends for healthier looking locs.

Enhanced Vibrancy and Shine

Experience locs that radiates vibrancy and shine. Our Loc Butter revitalizes dull, lackluster hair, enhancing the natural luster and brilliance of your locs. With regular use, it promotes smoother, silkier hair that exudes health and vitality, making it the perfect addition to your hair care routine.

All Natural

Ingredient List

Nia the loc god holding rose mist and butter

How to use

Simply scoop a small amount into your palm, rub between your hands until it transforms into an oily consistency, then apply evenly to damp or dry hair. Please store in your refrigerator to maintain consistency year round.

How often to use

Use two (2) times a week, use after you have misted with our Hydration Mist.